It’s about design.

Foonk updated prototype(not final) design for May 2022
Fine plastic prototype 3D test print May 2022
Two thumbshots and holders 3D printed.
“Holder” for a rubber band on the thumb shot is now designed.
“Holder” re-imagined now with fins for a straighter short flight and a ball projectile carried inside.
Fine detail plastic 3D print test. May 2022
Toy Rocket design in progress. (mix of wire frame and colored 3D model)
Rocket tested in 3D printing. High resolution plastic as well as heat resistant Nylon.
a 3D modeled Subaru STI logo for a test 3D print. (Not for Subaru Corp.) Not decided yet which material to try it in. Could be a simple plastic, a nylon composite or even a metal.
Fine detail plastic 3D print test. May 2022
New Modern Style Chess Set in design right now. First ever 3D model of a “pawn” shown. Final color and materials not yet determined.
“Tie In Thingy” – not sure real technical name, nor where we saw this first! Created it for 3D printing to solve a small problem.